Whole Body Intelligence

Whole Body Intelligence (WBI - Steven Sisgold) allows one to use their body to guide them to heal negative thought patterns and beliefs held in their body for many years, creating ‘dis-ease’. We will work with the body to heal and release those blocks, using breathwork, mindful body awareness when asked certain questions - say what’s true and notice how their body responds to that, and how it is able to release blocks and tension. Notice where you feel pain or different sensations in the body, think about a time in your life you can relate to when it may have started, and talk through the pain you have held onto for many, many years. Breathe, move and express the truth to release blocks and live fully present now.

Whole Body Intelligence

Here is what a WBI session would look like:

  • We will talk about why you are seeking healing support/guidance
  • We will do some breathwork on a massage table as you are lying down
  • Through the breathwork you will relax and feel into your body
  • You will find parts of your body that have pain, are tight, etc…. And we will talk about why you might feel tight there (i.e. - your throat - you may have trouble speaking your truth)
  • I will guide you through some more breathwork and ask you questions that you will turn into statements about yourself that are empowering
  • Your body will ‘wake up’ as you give it more and more oxygen, which will in turn create healing as you release pent up emotions/beliefs about yourself
  • I will record the session on your phone (if you desire) so that you may replay it at home and write any affirmations/notes down from our session together
  • Follow up with more sessions if you so desire


Key Benefits of WBI:

  • Helps to uncover deeply held negative thoughts/beliefs about yourself, and release them
  • Learn some new breathing techniques you can do on a daily basis for health and well-being
  • Change your old patterns of thinking and create the most amazing version of yourself
  • You can make lasting changes in your life for the better!
  • You will be able to transform into your ideal self and live the life you so desire!