Brain Balancing Techniques



“In order to read, to write, to spell, to listen, or to be integrated into any activity, for that matter, one must be able to cross the midline, which connects the right and left brain, the two opposing polarities of the body. The midline is either a bridge or a barrier to learning, depending on polarity imbalances within one’s system.” (P&G Dennison, 1985, pg. 11)


Whole Brain techniques are used to allow someone to get into a whole brain homeostasis, or equilibrium, allowing them to function at an optimal level, reduce stress, anxiety, worry, anger, fear, and many other emotions that block us from thinking clearly.

Balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain solves a lot of issues for children and their families. The resulting social, behavioral and academic improvements are undeniable.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Brain Balancing Techniques. We are here to help. We will contact you shortly to help answer any questions you may have.


Here is what a Brain Balancing session would look like:

  • Drink some water to energize and turn on the brain
  • Go through a series of Brain Balancing exercises
  • Work on issue you are here for
  • Do Cross-patterning exercise
  • Do some Visualizations


Key Benefits of Brain Balancing:

  • Increase mental focus and clarity
  • Reverse Dyslexia
  • Reverse Processing Disorders
  • Helps energize the brain
  • Creates whole brain homeostasis
  • Helps with overall functioning in life