About Me

A little something about me.

Laurie-Cameron-HallI have been a San Francisco Bay area educator for 21 years, a level 2 Reiki practitioner, a certified Lindamood-Bell instructor (LMB), a Hypnotherapist, and a Whole Body Intelligence Practitioner. LMB teaches the child to visually ‘see’ their stories - learn to use and strengthen their visual memory to help with Reading Comprehension. Brain Balancing works by using different techniques to bring each side of the brain - the right and the left side, into balance/coherence so that you can function at an optimum level, utilize both sides of your brain to help you focus, reverse Dyslexia, think clearly, get rid of 'brain fog', help kids in school, and much more. I have recently gotten certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy. This allows a person to access their subconscious mind, which in turn allows them to create suggestions that will help empower them to create the life they desire. Within Hypnotherapy, Guided Visualizations are used to help the client ‘see’ things in their mind and begin to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, to quit smoking, to lose weight, to get better grades, to excel at a sport, and so many other things. When we use our imagination, as children and adults, we are able to access our subconscious mind and give ourselves suggestions about how we want things to be. Let me help you become the best version of yourself today!

Whole Body Intelligence uses techniques to help you become aware of subtle body sensations (such as feeling that knot in your stomach before a presentation or clenching your jaw during a tense conversation), and how to interpret their meanings and reverse the negative thoughts associated with those feelings in your body, and change those negative thoughts and behaviors into positive ones so you can succeed at life!