Welcome to my Practice

Are you ready to live your optimal life? Do you suffer from low energy, stress, get sick often, have ADD, struggle with balancing work/family/social life, are a new mama, or have a child who is struggling in school? I can customize a program for you and your family using different healing modalities, such as Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Brain Balancing,Tapping/EFT, and Whole Body Intelligence techniques.

I have been working with people for over 20 years using Reiki to help them heal their anxiety, release stress, chronic pain, etc. I am also passionate about EFT/Tapping, Hypnotherapy, Brain Balancing, and Whole Body Intelligence techniques.

My work revolves around being friendly, disciplined and organized, yet flexible. I help my clients resolve their emotional issues of the past and the present, to open the door to a brighter and more confident future!Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 1.07.05 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from the first visit?

On my first visit with you we will discuss your needs, do a short bio/background, and do a short session.

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How does it work via Skype/Zoom?

It works the same as in person - You find a comfortable place in your home, and then we begin our session just as if you were with me in person. The benefits are the same.

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Do you only work with children?

No, I work with children, teens and adults.

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